Courses taught in English

Check the courses taught in English and enroll:


Butoh Aesthetics Workshop (beginner’s course), 2 ECTS (3rd – 7th June)

Butoh Aesthetics Workshop (advanced course), 2 ECTS (10th – 14th June)


Argentinian Tango 1: Basics, 1 ECTS (24th July – 9th August)


Academic and Professional English 1, 2 op (5th – 8th June)

English Oral Skills (6th – 9th June)

Business English Discussion (12th – 15th June)

Academic and Professional English 2, 2 op (12th – 15th June)

Beginners´ English in English (3rd – 20th July)

Continuation Course in English (24th July – 10th August)


Voyagez en France (French/English) (5th – 9th June)

Perfectionnez votre français (French/English) ( 7th – 11th August)


Gyrokinesis® Method (basics, alkeiskurssi) (Finnish/English) (17th – 18th June)

Gyrokinesis® Method (continuation course, jatkokurssi) (Finnish/English) (29th – 30th July)

Open Public Events

History of Finland (5th June)


YKI course for the National Certificate of Language in Swedish, intermediate level (5th – 13th June)

Swedish for Beginners 1 (17th – 20th July)

Swedish for Beginners 2 (31st June – 3rd August)

Swedish for Beginners 3 (14th – 17th August)

Swedish for Beginners 4 (18th – 19th August)


Elementary Ukrainian (5th – 20th June)