History of Finland

Dates and times: June 5 – June 15, Mon–Thu 17:15–19:45

Place: Ratapihantie 13 OR you can also follow the lessons online. If you are attending onsite, there is no pre-registration, but for online lessons, sign up here.

Content: This series of lectures will examine questions in Finnish history from prehistory to the present. The emphasis will be placed on the period after 1809. The approach to the course will be thematic, chronological, and focused on the major questions concerning the country’s past. This course is designed for people of all backgrounds.  No previous knowledge of Finland's history is required.

Sisältö: Luentosarjassa tutustutaan Suomen historiaan esihistoriasta nykypäivään. Pääpaino on vuoden 1809 jälkeisessä ajassa. Lähestymistapa on temaattinen ja kronologinen ja keskittyy Suomen menneisyyden tärkeimpiin kysymyksiin. Kurssi sopii sekä suomalaisille että ulkomaalaisille, jotka eivät ole aiemmin perehtyneet Suomen historiaan. Kurssi luennoidaan englanniksi.

Monday, June 5: Finland’s Origins: Prehistoric and Historic

Tuesday, June 6: Finland as Part of the Swedish Realm (circa 1157–1809)

Wednesday, June 7: The Creation of Autonomous Finland (1809–1890)

Thursday, June 8: Oppression, Independence and Civil War (1890–1918)

Monday, June 12: Finland between the World Wars (1918–1939)

Tuesday, June 13: Finland at War (1939–1945)

Wednesday, June 14: Finland during the Cold War (1944–1991):

Thursday, June 15: European Finland in a Globalizing World

Teaching premises: Ratapihantie 13, Haaga-Helia. The lecture room is informed in the lobby.

Teacher: Prof. Jason Lavery, Ph.D.

Duration and course fee: 24 h, free entrance, welcome!