Swedish for Beginners 3

Dates and times: 14.8.-17.8.2023 Mon-Thu & 21.8.-22.8.2023 Mon-Tue, 17.00-21.00

Objectives and content: The course builds on the two previous courses (Swedish for Beginners 1–2), giving the students the opportunity to deepen their insights into the Swedish language. If you have studied elementary Swedish earlier you can also join this course directly. We find out more about vocabulary and grammar and learn useful Swedish for practical situations through dialogues and role plays. We read texts, study structures, play games, do internet exercises, practice conversation and read and listen to extracts from films and other media production. At the end of the course there is a test.

Starting level: A1

Book: Lindemalm-Scherrer: Rivstart A1+A2 (Natur & Kultur), 2014, textbook and exercise book, chapters 8–11.