Rules of Conduct

Rules of Conduct

These rules of conduct apply to all learning environments of Helsinki Summer University and concern all students, as well as, where applicable, teachers and staff. The rules have been made to ensure peace, unimpeded study, safety, and comfort.

Student Responsibilities

Helsinki Summer University adheres to principles of equality and non-discrimination, which apply to all students and staff. Students must behave with good manners and ensure a good study environment for everyone. Helsinki Summer University’s teaching is open to everyone regardless of gender, nationality, health status, age, educational background, or study rights.

Students must follow the instructions given by staff and teachers. To participate in teaching and complete the required tasks, students must adhere to accepted study practices. In examination situations, students must also follow the given instructions.

All studies must adhere to appropriate study practices. Students must complete their studies honestly and demonstrate their true competence. All forms of plagiarism and cheating are prohibited during studies. Plagiarism refers to borrowing another person’s work, such as text, images, code, or graphics, without proper permission and presenting it as one’s work. Plagiarism also includes self-plagiarism, where previously published material is reused without proper identification.

Students are also obliged to report serious violations they observe to Helsinki Summer University staff.

Study Rights

Study rights begin when studies commence, and the student has enrolled in the course. Study rights end when the student completes the course or when the study period expires. Study rights may also end if the student discontinues their studies or if study rights are revoked.

Study and Learning Environment

The use of mobile phones and other devices during teaching should not disrupt others. Any activities that disturb teaching or other students are prohibited. Publishing images and videos of others without permission is forbidden.

Learning environments must be kept tidy, and everyone is responsible for the cleanliness of the premises. Shared property must be taken care of properly. Helsinki Summer University is not responsible for any items left on the teaching premises.

Smoking and use of any tobacco products are prohibited in all school premises and their immediate surroundings. Being intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics in learning environments is also prohibited. Additionally, it is strictly prohibited to have or carry substances (e.g., narcotics) or items (e.g., weapons and knives) that are illegal or endanger general safety within learning environments.

Student Discipline

Failure to comply with instructions or violation of the rules of conduct may result in removal from the teaching premises or the school grounds. Teachers have the right to remove a student from the learning situation, teaching premises, and school grounds if necessary. The Executive Director of Helsinki Summer University has the right to issue a written warning to a student who disrupts teaching, acts contrary to the rules of conduct, or behaves dishonestly.

In cases of serious violations or repeated inappropriate behavior, study rights may be revoked. The determination of disciplinary measures for students is ultimately decided by the Executive Director of Helsinki Summer University. Before making final disciplinary decisions, the specific omissions or actions leading to the measure must be specified, the student must be heard, and other necessary clarifications related to the situation must be obtained. Students have the right to participate in a hearing before a decision is made.

Liability for Damages

Students are responsible for the study materials and premises provided to them. Liability for damages is determined by the Tort Liability Act. Damages must be reported immediately to the staff of Helsinki Summer University.

Work Safety

Helsinki Summer University ensures work safety in its learning environments. It is the responsibility of students to follow the given instructions and report any deficiencies.

Entry Into Force

These rules of conduct come into force on March 22nd, 2024. Current rules of order are available on the Summer University’s website.