About us

About us

Helsinki Summer University is open to anyone interested, regardless of age, education or other study rights. Every year about 8,000 participants study in more than 700 courses at the Summer University.

In addition to open university and open polytechnic education, our diverse curriculum includes language teaching, information technology, art courses, high school graduate courses, in-service training and open public events.

There are 20 summer universities in Finland that provide teaching in 130 locations. Summer universities operate in collaboration with Finnish universities and other institutions of learning, and offer an opportunity for both personal and professional development. Despite the name the activity is year-round.

Helsinki Summer University is a high-quality educational institute arranging university-level, non-formal adult education. It is founded in 1966 and maintained by the Helsinki Summer University Foundation. The founders and members of the foundation are the municipalities of the Helsinki metropolitan area, and the University of Helsinki also participates in its administration.

Extensive and high-quality teaching of the Finnish language has been organized since the foundation in 1966. There are over 25 foreign languages ​​in the curriculum with courses ranging from beginners to university-level teaching.

Board from 2021 to 2024

Jari Nissinen Deputy member: Carita PerryCity of Helsinki
Marjut PihonenDeputy member: Timo OhmeroCity of Helsinki
Terhi Ainiala (COB)Deputy member: Aleksi MeriläinenCity of Helsinki
Ville YlikahriDeputy member: Harri KorhonenCity of Helsinki
Herttaliisa Tuure (VP)Deputy member: Helena Tiitinen-Levijoki City of Espoo
Marko KiveläDeputy member: Satu Mollgren (City of Kauniainen)City of Espoo
Märt VesinurmDeputy member: Hetamari WoodsCity of Vantaa
Susanna Niinistö-SivurantaDeputy member: Jenni KrapuUniversity of Helsinki