Privacy policy

Privacy policy for Helsinki Summer University

This is a combined privacy policy and information document for the Helsinki Summer University (Business ID 0116513-0) course administration system. (Law on Personal Details (523/99) paragraphs 10 and 24)

1. Register holder

Helsinki Summer University
Business ID 0116513-0
Vilhonvuorenkatu 12, 00500 Helsinki, Finland
Telephone +358 (0)20 779 2400

2. Person responsible for the register and contact person

Person responsible for the register: Executive director
Contact person for the register: Service Manager Leena Lehtonen

3. Name of register

The Helsinki Summer University course administration system

4. The use of the register

The register is used for tending customer relations and for releasing information. The details of students and teachers at Helsinki Summer University are entered in the course administration system for managing the courses arranged by Helsinki Summer University; for filing and forwarding grades; and for billing.

Information from the Helsinki Summer University register is collected for national statistics on education. The Helsinki Summer University will not, however, give any personal details of individuals for the above-mentioned statistics.

5. The contents of the register

The information that is filed can be seen on the Helsinki Summer University registration form. The register includes information given by the person in question as well as information about his or her participation in, and completion of courses.

Personal details:
• names
• social security number / date of birth
• addresses
• phone numbers
• occupation
• place of employment
• current studies at another educational institution
• student number
• permission to use his or her personal details for informing about the Helsinki Summer University

Additional information:
• sex
• mother tongue
• place of domicile
• basic general education
• vocational education
• previous university studies
• employment status
• purpose of studies

Details on registration and completion of studies
• Details on registration (name of the course, course fee, starting date, registration date, registered/on waiting list/cancelled)
• Payment/billing information (total sum, method of payment, payment date, number of payment, billing date, due date, state of payment, dates of payment orders)
• Information on studies (completed course, credits, starting and completion dates, teacher/examiner, grade/participation)

6. Regulatory sources of information

The sources of information are: the person in question, teachers and examiners for participation and completion of studies and the bank or the clerk receiving the payment.

7. Regulatory release and transfer of information outside the European Union or the European Economic Area

The filed information is exclusively for the use of the Helsinki Summer University. An exception to this is the information of students participating in open university studies, as their details on completed studies are given to the university which they are attending for completing a university degree.

For collecting unpaid bills relevant information can be given to the company collecting the payment by commission.

8. Protecting the register

The Helsinki Summer University is accountable for the proper protection and data security of the information filed in the Helsinki Summer University register.

9. Right of inspection

By virtue of Law on Personal Details (paragraph 26) a person has a right to see what information concerning them has been filed in the register. A signed request for inspection must be sent in writing to the register holder or it can be presented in person at the address mentioned above. The information can be checked free of charge once a year.

10. Revising information

The holder of the register must without delay on his/her own initiative, or upon the request of the person in question, to rectify, delete, or complete any personal details in the register that are incorrect, unnecessary, inadequate, or outdated (Law on Personal Details, paragraph 29).

A person has a right to have incorrect details revised. A signed request for rectification should be submitted in writing to the register holder. The request should specify what detail or details should be revised.