Introduction to micro-entrepreneurship in Finland, 5 CR, 2024–2025

This course is open university education, which is implemented according to the study requirements of the University of Oulu. The course is held online.

Timetable: Autumn term 2024; precise times TBA

Content: The course provides an introduction to comprehensive understanding of the field of micro-entrepreneurship in Finland. The course is designed for those who are interested in having a successful career as an entrepreneur.

The student gets helpful tools for financial and business planning that can be utilised to support future and current entrepreneurs in both planning and running a micro-enterprise in Finland. Additionally, participants are provided with links to relevant documentation, authorities and entrepreneurship networks in Finland.

Goals: The student:

* gets to know the basic features of microentrepreneurship and enterprise management in the Finnish business context

* knows the definitions, characteristics as well as economic and societal impact of microenterprises

* understands the central elements of becoming an entrepreneur and managing economically sustainable business

* knows the key elements of making a business plan- recognizes the importance of company values, goals and entrepreneurial skills to the sustainable business management.

Completion of the course: Online teaching independent of time and place in the Moodle learning environment. The course includes individual assignments independent of time and place, as well as online discussion and peer evaluation based on the course material and your own development project. A development project based on your own or an example company (preparation of a business plan).

Grades: Passed / Failed

Course material: Video lectures, My Studio podcasts, research literature in English and Finnish and other material assigned by the teacher.