International Business, 6 CR, lv. 2024–25

Timetable: Irrespective of time in UEF period 4 (March - May 2025, details TBA). Several alternative exam dates.


  • Key concepts of international business theory and practice.
  • Key actors of international business and principles of their operations.
  • Major elements of political, legal, economic environments, related risks.
  • Cultural dimensions and risks in the light of international business communication and relationship-building.
  • Essentials of business ethics in the international context.
  • Essentials of international trade, FDI and regional economic integration.
  • Key features of emerging markets’ business environment and local actors.

Objectives: Student will be able to

  • Define the main concepts of international business
  • Understand the complexity and dynamic nature of international business
  • Develop an overview about main actors, economic and political forces of international business
  • Understand the underlying rationales of the impact of international environment on business activities
  • Identify and classify the major risks and opportunities of global marketplace.

Study methods: Independent study online and an online exam (on Moodle), total of 162 h. 

Evaluation: 0–5

Study materials: 

  • Cavusgil, S.T., Knight, G. & Riesenberger, J.: International Business. The New Realities. Fifth Edition or newer. Pearson Prentice Hall. (Also e-book available in the UEF library)
  • Other course material on Moodle 

Teacher: Sari-Johanna Karhapää

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