Intercultural competence and professionalism, 5 cr, 2023–2025

Online course 19.2.2024–1.5.2024.

Tavoite / Objectives:
After completing the course the student is able to:

  • describe the key concepts related to interculturalism and professional development
  • connect and demonstrate these concepts to the own academic field and future work
  • analyze the role of professional development in the multicultural working environment

Sisältö / Content: Concepts related to interculturalism, multiculturalism, professional development, critical incidence technique.

Suoritustapa / Modes of study: Online course; Orientating lectures, independent studying in Moodle learning environment, writing scientific essays and group discussions in Moodle learning environment

Kirjallisuus / Study materials:

  • Intercultural Competence Managing Cultural Diversity: Training Handbook 5th Edition, E-book, Berninghausen, Jutta; Minshawi, Béatrice Hecht-El, Libreka GmbH 2009
  • Articles and online books are available in Moodle for completing course assignments

Opetuskieli / Language of instruction: English

Previous studies: See details of the study module here. Please note that the certificate of required previous studies must be delivered to the Summer University before you can compile the overall grade for the intermediate studies.

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